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  • Micro Nano Electronic Devices (CMNE)
  • Radio Frequency and Millimeter (RFM)
  • Photonics THz and Optoelectronics

The Institut de Microélectronique Electromagnétisme et Photonique and LAboratoire d'Hyperfréquences et de Caractérisation, IMEP-LaHC, is a « unité mixte de recherche » (CNRS / Grenoble INP / UJF / Université de Savoie) of 135 people strongly committed in research activities related to micro- and nano-electronics, microphotonics, micro- and nano-systems, microwaves and microwave-photonics.

The laboratory is settled over two sites : Grenoble-Minatec (38) and  Le Bourget du Lac (73).
Director : 
Broquin Jean-Emmanuel

Grenoble site contacts

Fax: 04 56 52 95 01
  • Secretary
Tel : 04 56 52 95 00

Chambéry site contacts

Fax: 04 79 75 87 42
  • Secretary
DOS REIS Fernanda
Tel: 04 79 75 84 73

Useful links

  • MIcro and NAnoTEChnologies campus
  • Grenoble Institute of  Techology


The IMEP-LaHC has just acquired a particularly powerful new Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). Remember that the principle of an AFM is based on the analysis of a tiny object by using the scanning of a probe whose shape looks like a very harp tip with a 10 nm of radius of curvature.
AFM - Microscope à force atomique

L'IMEP-LaHC organises with the SINANO Institute the conference "International Nanodevices and Computing " in Minatec from 3 to 5 April 2019
« IRDS 2019 Spring Conference » & « IEEE Conference on Rebooting Computing »


PhD Defenses

Date of update February 12, 2019

Grenoble site
Grenoble INP - Minatec : 3, Parvis Louis Néel - CS 50257 - 38016 Grenoble Cedex 1

Chambéry site
Université de Savoie - F73376 Le Bourget du Lac Cedex

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