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Measures of Gain / losses

This measurement bench allows the characterization of the gain or loss of an optical chip with advanced tools:
  •  High stability optical breadboard of with stereomicroscope
  •  6 axis positioning stage with piezoelectric drives
  • Calibrated InGaAs optical power meter
  • Optical spectrum analyzer with high resolution
  • High power pump Laser and calibrated sources.
Measures of Gain / losses

Mode profile

 This optical bench allows to measuring the intensity of the guided mode of the integrated chips realized at our laboratory. The equipments available for this bench are:

  • High stability optical breadboard of with stereomicroscope
  • 5 axis positioning stages with high precision
  • InGaAs CCD camera allowing the visualization of optical fields at a working wavelength up to  1.7 microns.
Mode profile


This measurement bench allows to characterizing by the black lines method, the effective index of a waveguide. Combined with the inverse WKB method, these measures allow to determining the index profile of the waveguides realized by ions exchange. This bench contains:
  • Optical breadboard with high stability
  • Optical goniometer with high resolution
  • Optical lenses and HeNe LASER.

Spectrum analysis

This  measurement bench allows to measuring the transmission spectra of integrated waveguides with advanced tools:
  • Optical breadboard with high stability and stereomicroscope
  • 3 axis positioning stages high precision
  • High resolution spectrum analyzer
  • Wide band tungsten source
Spectrum analysis

Bragg  grating

This bench allows to realizing and to characterizing Bragg gratings with a submicron step by means of advanced equipments:
  •  Active vibration isolated optical breadboard and laminar flow
  •  High power argon ion laser + Titanium sapphire laser
  • Free space optical systems and lenses
  • High resolution programmable rotation stage.
Bragg  grating

Date of update May 17, 2019

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