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Microelectronics, electromagnetism, photonics , microwave

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MNE Group : Micro Nano Electronic DevicesBANO Edwige
Headed by: Edwige BANO

The MNE group focuses its activity on future electronic devices that make it possible to push forward the frontiers of Silicon microelectronics and to add new functions to integrated circuits. Our research is based on close combination of experimental and theoretical approaches.
The group works in 4 directions:
  1. Ultimate CMOS and alternative technologies
  2. Integrated nanostructures and nanosystems
  3. Modelling & Simulation
  4. Superconducting Electronics

RFM Group : Radiofrequency and MillimeterPascal XAVIER
Headed by : Pascal XAVIER

The RF and Millimeter-wave group is composed of 6 Professors and 7 Assistant Professors, between15
and 20 PhD students and up to 3 Post-doc researchers.
4 to 5 MSc students also stay each year between four to five months within the group for their internship.

There are 2 main areas of research:
  1. Connected devices and sensors
  2. Integrated devices
The group has also began, since 2010, a research activity toward the RF characterization of carbon nanowires which could be embedded in microwave circuits and systems.

PHOTO Group :PHOtonics, Terahertz Optoelectronics and Microwave Photonics
Headed by: Frédéric GARETFrédéric GARET

In the PHOTO department, we pursue researches in photonics (from visible to far infrared) from the physics of the device up to the whole system.
Although mainly experimental, these researches include also electromagnetic models, technological developments and phenomenological approaches
that constitute the base on which innovative devices are developed. The results of these researches lead to important technology transfers towards start up and spin
off of the laboratory.

Our research activities concern the three following axes :
  1. Integrated Photonic Sensors
  2. The Characterization of THz materials and devices
  3. Optoelectronic components and techniques

Date of update November 28, 2019

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