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Connected devices and sensors


There is a worlwide growing interest in compact and conformable connected devices.
At the same time, electronics with a low environmental impact has become a major issue.
Our research supports this movement and uses a multiphysical approach.
1 - Design and characterization of 2D and 3D antenna systems :
  • Printed 3D antennas
  • AF-SIW antennas
  • RF and mmW radiation pattern measurements
2- Design of devices in additive and flexible 2D and 3D printed RF electronics :
  • Broadband and multiband conformable radiating systems
  • RF energy harvesting
  • Printed films and papers for the reduction or the increasing of ELM waves transmission
3 - Design and characterization of RF sensors for environment and biology3 :
  • Design and test of low energy RF devices for the bacteria growth inhibition
  • Impedance spectroscopy bacteria detection in complex media
  • Multiphysics modeling of biologic media
  • RF instrumentation for microbiology and soil physical studies
4 - Design and simulation of digital transmission systems :
  • Ultra-low power communication systems based on a software approach

Date of update October 18, 2019

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