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Integrated devices

Our research evolves in a context of higher and higher frequencies and data rates, ultra-low-power devices and increasing functional densification.
They face the problem of the reconfigurability of RF electronic functions.

1- High frequency measurement methods:
  • Calibration and de-embedding techniques for integrated device characterization
  •  Wideband characterization techniques (DC to 110 GHz) of materials
  •  In-situ techniques for characterization of very thin films (nm) to bulk (mm) materials
2- Characterization of materials for integrated devices, sensors, printed electronics devices and MEMS
  • Characterization of dielectric materials, from ultra low-k to very high-k dielectrics, porous oxides as SiOCH, oxides as HfO2, ZrO2, TiTaO and perovskite dielectrics...
  • Characterization of ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials as AlN, KTN, BST and PZT...
  • Characterization of semiconductor and conductor materials
  • Characterization of printed electronics materials (inks, papers)
3- Development, design and characterization of new integrated passive devices and MEMS
  • 3D RF MIM capacitors, new high density 3D capacitors (TSC, Nanowires capacitors)
  •   High performance and tunable integrated capacitors
  •  High speed Interconnections for sub-45 nm CMOS nodes
  •  MEMS and sensors

Date of update October 21, 2019

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