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Microelectronics, electromagnetism, photonics , microwave

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Ongoing PHD

Gizem SOYLU     Gizem SOYLU 
  • New technics for THz microscopy
  • Supervisor and Co-supervisor : JL Coutaz, E Hérault, A Monfardini
  • Labex FOCUS- collaboration : Néel Institute - Grenoble
Dongwei ZHAIDongwei ZHAI
  • Characterization of nanostructured thin films of ITO, GaN and TiO2 in the terahertz domain
  • Supervisor and Co-Supervisor : JL Coutaz, E Hérault, F Garet
  • ANR PRCI CELESTA – Collaborations : National Tsing Hua University et Ultrafast and THz Optical Physics Laboratory, NTHU, Taïwan
Bastien MULLERBastien MULLER
  • Generation and detection of Terahertz waves by air breakdown in view of very broadband spectroscopic applications
  • Supervisor and Co-Supervisor : JL Coutaz, M Bernier, E Hérault

  •  New tag design for identification and authentication in the THz domain
  •  Supervisor and Co-Supervisor : F. Garet, M. Bernier, N. Barbot
  •  Collaboration : LCIS-Valence

  • Determination of the origin of losses in cellulosic materials, for applications in the RF and THz domain – defended 11th june 2019
  • Supervisor and Co-Supervisor : T. Phu Vuong, F. Garet
  • ANR PRCE MACEO - collaborations : CERMAV-Grenoble, Centre Technique du Papier-Gernoble, Arjowiggins Creative Paper-Apprieu

Date of update October 30, 2019

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