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Palms Innovation 2011

Publié le September 22, 2011
Fabien DE BARROS During the exposure to the European Parliament on 6, 7 and 8 September, Fabien De Barros received the Palms Innovation 2011 at the Congress of the ATIP.
This award was given for innovation "METAPAPER" in the 64th  Congress of   ATIP   to the leaders of the project, Fabien de Barros (PhD RFM) and Guy Eymin Petot Tourtollet and their employees.
 Indeed, MetaPapier is a new way of designing paper (or at least give it properties that it can't have on natural state!) and especially the wallpaper ... as a barrier anti-WiFi.
 Metapaper is a printed electronic application sprang from  CTP  research and partners', IMEP-LAHC laboratories, LCIS and from the collaboration of  Ahlstrom industry.
This wallpaper - which can be an under-layer to recover - is a small technological revolution : MetaPaper : The electromagnetic quietness (GSM or Wifi) with a revolutionary wallpaper.
The prize, awarded by the paper industry, also recognizes the excellence of experts from the Center that put into practice some core values of the center as "cultivate customer satisfaction, generate ideas and create value."
We wish them much success for all initiatives in progress ...
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