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Photonics THz and Optoelectronics - Grenoble INP - IMEP-LAHC

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Photonics THz and Optoelectronics

Headed by :Guy VITRANT

PHOTO department is involved in researches covering the near to far infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The main goal of the PHOTO department can be summarized as the conception, realization and characterization of optical components and devices for near to far infrared new applications. As an example, a sub-millimeter scale, integrated near infrared spectrometer, using contrapropagative optical waves, has been designed, realized and fully characterized. In PHOTO department, two of the three research thematics are linked to the historical thematics of the two entities that have merged in 2007 to give IMEP-LAHC: integrated optics for IMEP and THz optoelectronics for LAHC. These two thematics cover the high and low parts of the infrared spectrum, respectively. Due to the rising towards long wavelengths in integrated optics for infrared astronomy (up to 20 µm with the European project IODA) and towards high frequencies in THz optoelectronics in the framework of a DGA project for chemical detection (up to 20 THz corresponding to a wavelength of 15 µm), the electromagnetic spectrum covered by these two thematic tend now to overlap. In a third applicative thematic devoted to optical sensors, new devices and systems are imagined, designed and realized. This last thematic takes benefit of the development that are made in the two other thematics of the PHOTO department. This last thematic lead to an important technology transfer towards industry (9 patents have been deposited since 2006).


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