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Microelectronics, electromagnetism, photonics , microwave

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New management team

The IMEP-LaHC presents its new management team since 1st  January 2014:

                       Mr Broquin Jean-Emmanuel
                 Jean-Emmanuel Broquin     

Assist director Grenoble    Assist director Chambery
  Anne Kaminski                   Jean-Louis Coutaz           


  • 51 Professors (full and associates)
  • 16 Technicians and engineers
  • 8 Post-docs
  • 62 PhD Students

Laboratoire IMEP-LaHC

The Laboratory Today

Research activities of IMEP-LaHC cover large areas (materials, technologies, components, circuits and systems) which allow carrying out multidisciplinary research in common with our partners in nanophysics, material chemistry, circuit designers or system manufacturers in electronics and optoelectronics.
Situated at convergence of many sciences and technologies, IMEP-LaHC can play an important federating role to develop ambitious projects and to challenge the future of electronics.
Such activities are regrouped in 3 research themes with potential applications (semiconductors, informatics, telecommunications,) representing important goals for economy of next decades.

 Head: Broquin Jean-Emmanuel
Tél : + 33 (0)4 56 52 95 29
Fax :+33  (0)4 56 52 95 01

Written by Brigitte Rasolofoniaina

Date of update November 9, 2018

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