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RF Circuits and systems and Antennas

  • Fixed and tunable circuits :filters, matching networks, power splitters
    Several fixed or tunable circuits have been developed in the few past years in a low-cost PCB (Printed Circuit Board) technology in order to address the problem of reconfigurable systems for multi-standard, beam-forming, and Power Amplifier load modulation for increased PAE (Power Added Efficiency).
    The miniaturization of the developed circuits is sometimes also an issue.
    Several new topologies of fixed or tunable filters have been studied these last few years: hybrid taped-line filters like DBR (Dual Behavior Resonator), stub-loaded coupled-line filters, and multi-mode patch filters.

  • Baw filters
  • Frequency selective surfaces
  • Reverse modelling
  • ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) for RFIC's
    Some very original developments have been carried out in collaboration with STMicroelectronics toward the design, characterization and modelling of DTSCR (Diode Triggered Silicon Controlled Rectifiers) solutions for ESD protection of Circuits IO (Input-Output).
    New models have been carried out to handle either large signal behaviour when the protection is active or small signal when RF goes throughout the circuit in the normal circuit state.
    RF models have been developed up to 65 GHz.

Written by Brigitte Rasolofoniaina

Date of update February 19, 2013

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