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Publié le May 18, 2009
In order to support innovative businesses IMEP-LAHC offers a range of consultancy and services for industrial companies and institutional partners, resulting in contractual resources of an amount of 2-3 millions of Euros per year.
Our scientific and technological recognised expertise covers the domains of microelectronics, electromagnetism and photonics :
  •   design, simulation and characterization of CMOS devices, nanosystems or nanodevices
  • design , characterization and modelling of RF and opto-microwave devices and systems
  • design, realization and characterization of optical components and devices, integrated optics and THz optoelectronics.
IMEP-LAHC has always been involved in technology transfer, encouraging business creation and supporting innovative start-ups : TeemPhotonics, Stantec, Beamind, A2PS, Infiniscale, Mosquitoes, Kwele, Eveon...
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