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PhD defense of Kyunghwa LEE

Published on July 9, 2019
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PhD Defense July 10, 2019 | Access map
Defense of the DOCTORAL thesis of Kyunghwa LEE, for the University  Grenoble Alpes , speciality  "NANO ELECTRONICS & NANO TECHNOLOGIES", entitled:
Amphi M001/ PHELMA
3 Parvis Louis Néel
38016, Grenoble

« Investigation of electrostatic doping devices and applications in FD-SOI technologies »

Kyunghwa LEE

Kyunghwa LEE

Wednesday, July 10, 2019  at 10:00
Fully Depleted SOI (FD-SOI) is an excellent alternative of conventional Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology which is leading the semiconductor industry. FD-SOI offers low-power consumption and improved electrostatic control for MOS transistors even in very advanced nodes (14 nm and 28 nm). FD-SOI transistors feature nanometer thickness and length which bring rather particular operation mechanisms and characteristics. This work describes the state-of-the-art and assets of FD-SOI components. The Hocus-Pocus (HP) diode is one example of the innovative devices made possible by the unrivaled flexibility of FD-SOI technology. By modifying the type of electrostatic doping, N or P, a single device can be reconfigured as a virtual P-N diode, a virtual Esaki diode, a semi-virtual diode, a P-I-N diode, a TFET or a band-modulation FET. Each configuration works as a physically doped device with peculiar behavior induced by the dynamic change of doping concentration.
Original applications such as lifetime extraction and virtual Esaki diode are explored. The Z2-FET (Zero subthreshold slope and Zero impact ionization) is a striking application of HP diode thanks to attractive characteristics (sharp switch, low leakage current, adjustable triggering voltage and high current ratio ION/IOFF). In this work, we focus on a capacitorless Dynamic Random Access Memory (1T-DRAM) and a fast logic switch.
The DC and transient operation mechanisms as well as the device performance are investigated in detail with TCAD simulations and validated with systematic experimental results.

Jury members:
  • Olivier BONNAUD - Reviewer
  • Ray HUETING - Reviewer
  • Gérard GHIBAUDO - Examiner
  • Carlos SAMPEDRO - Examiner

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Thesis prepared at the  laboratory : UMR 5130 - Institut de Microélectronique, Electromagnétisme et Photonique -Laboratoire d'hyperfréquences et de caractérisation ,supervised by Maryline BAWEDIN, supervisor and Sorin CRISTOLOVEANU Cosupervisor.

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