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Microelectronics, electromagnetism, photonics , microwave

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Lithography, etching, chemistry

Photoresist and polymers deposition by spin coating

Spin coater Süss Microtec TP6000
  • Substrates up to 3 inches


[legende-image]1383921694160[/legende-image] Mask aligner Süss Microtec- type MA6:
  • * Mask 4 inches
  • * Substrates 3 inches
  • * Vacuum contact, hard/soft contact, proximity contact
    Features down to 0,6 micron
    High precision alignment stage

Wet Chemical etching

  Thin layers etching, photoresist development

Dry chemical etching

[legende-image]1383921694162[/legende-image] Equipment Corial 200IL RIE/ICP
Fluoride gases, plasma O2

Thermal treatment

Heating under vacuum or under controlled atmosphere (nitrogen)


Manipulation of acids or solvents for etching (HF ...), cleaning (F NO3, photoresist remover)...

Date of update October 5, 2018

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