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Microelectronics, electromagnetism, photonics , microwave

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Simulation & Modelling

Contact : Alessandro CRESTI
    This line of research has several objectives: the interpretation of experimental results, the exploration of new materials and component concepts, and the optimization of components in complex configurations. The numerical simulation tools include home-grown code for quantum and multi-physics simulation, and commercial TCAD software for the study of components and the impact on circuits.
      Our activity of quantum simulation of electronic transport focuses on two-dimensional materials, such as graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides. The in-house numerical codes are based on the Keldysh-Green function approach, and are easily adaptable to different systems and simulations, as magneto transport and spintronics. Our interest ranges from the study of the electronic properties of materials to the simulation of devices and sensors. This allows us to be very flexible and to collaborate with other theoretical and experimental teams.
       In order to better understand the physics of advanced devices and to develop models for the extraction of parameters, we make use TCAD simulators (Silvaco ATLAS and Synopsys Sentaurus). Our analytical models for devices consider phenomena such as electrical fluctuations and variability.
      For the study of piezoelectric nanowires, we have implemented the resolution of the complete coupling between mechanical and piezoelectric aspects and semiconductor equations in the FlexPDE environment.
Simulation & Modélisation

Date of update October 15, 2020

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