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Microélectronique, électromagnétisme, photonique, hyperfréquences

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Anechoid chamber

  HYPER platform provides a specific area dedicated to measurement in free space. A faradized fully anechoid chamber of about 20m2 (75m3) has been set up directly in the laboratory premises.
Test d'antenne en champ lointain
Far field setup
 The spherical radiation pattern (3D) of antennas can be evaluated over a wide frequency range from about 500MHz to 40GHz, in far field region. The measurement is based on a 3-axis angular motorized positioning system, coupled with instrument control and data processing software.
Test d'un système de transmission sans fil      Antenne cornet large bande   
                  Wireless communication system under test                     Broadband horn antenna
Some other measurement solutions are also available, for example to extract the radiation pattern of small millimeter wave antennas (V-band 50-75GHz) connectorized or integrated or to implement near field measurements using a 2-axis linear motorized scanner.

Date of update November 21, 2019

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